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Combined trainingvisit Aruba and Curaçao at MMC, December 2007 

Combined training visit Curaçao and Aruba at MMC, december 2007

From December 6th to 18th 2007 drs. Esther Thiemes (second from left) - an economist from DEZHI Aruba - and Luelo Girigorie MSc CPC (third from left) and drs. Lesly Sendar (first from right) - two economists from DEZ Curaçao - visited MMC's office in The Hague for a two-week training visit. Also in the picture: Marein van Schaaijk (first from left) and Stephen Chong (second from right), both from MMC. 

Social Economic Initiative (SEI) Curaçao Conference at MMC in The Hague, December 2007

SEI Curaçao Conference at MMC in The Hague, December 2007

The SEI Curaçao Conference was held at MMC's office in The Hague from December 12th to 14th 2007. Participants (from left to right): Jan Bandsma (BZK), Ernst Noorman (BZK), Coen Daamen (BZK), Freddy Curiel (SEI Curaçao Commission), Lesly Sendar (DEZ Curaçao), Stephen Chong (MMC) and Luelo Girigorie (DEZ Curaçao). Not in the picture: Marein van Schaaijk (MMC).


Training visit of five Macedonian economists in The Hague, 20-24 August 2007

Macedonian economists during a workshop at MMC's office in The Hague

Workshop "Financial Analysis: Budget Forecating Tool" given by drs. Michiel Vergeer (short term consultant for MMC in Indonesia and Ethiopia) as part of a five-day training visit of five Macedonian economists to MMC in The Hague.

Participants (from left to right): drs. Michiel Vergeer, Todor Milcevsk (Sector for Economic Policies and Regulatory Reform of the Secretariat General of the Government of Macedonia), dr. Marein van Schaaijk (director MMC), Marjan Nikolov (Center for Economic Analyses), Katerina Suleva (National Bank of Macedonia), Filip Blazeski (Business Environment Activity) and Aleksandar Stojkov (Department of Economics, Faculty of Law, University Ss Cyril and Methodius).


Training visit DEZHI Aruba in The Hague, 6-17 August 2007

Photo visit of two economist from DEZHI Aruba

Presentation MARUBA macromodel to two economists from the the ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) on August 14th 2007 at MMC's office in The Hague.

Participants (from left to right): Chantal Ecury MSc MBA (DEZHI), Esther Willems Bsc (DEZHI), drs. Coen Dame (BZK), drs. Jan Bandsma (BZK) and dr. Marein van Schaaijk (director MMC).


Training visit Namibian economists in The Hague, July 2007

Photo Training visit Namibian Economists in The Hague, July 2007

The target of this visit was to train NPC economists in the use of the Macroabc-NAM model in practical macroeconomic scenariobuilding, including poverty analysis and breakdown to sectors of industry.

From left to right: drs. Michiel Vergeer (short-term consultant MMC in Indonesia and Ethiopia), Ms. Moureen Matomola (Deputy Director of Development Planning and Head Macroeconomics, Research and Policy Analysis Division NPC Namibia), dr. Marein van Schaaijk (MMC), Ms. Martha Tsheehama (Head of Sub-division Macroeconomic Programming &Research, NPC Namibia), Mr. Ananias Abner (Deputy Director Economic Policy and Advisory Services Division Ministry of Finance Namibia) and Mr. Tjiveze Tjipe (Senior Researcher of Macroeconomic Research Department, Bank of Namibia).


Commission Macro Model Aruba, 1 June 2007

Commission Macro Model Aruba, 1 June 2007

Photo from left to right around the table, the Commission Macro Model Aruba members:
Derrick Werleman and Marco van Hengel, Finance Department; Marco de Cuba, Tax Department; Marielsa Croes, AIB Economic and Financial Services N.V; Martijn Balkestein, Interim  Directeur Centraal Central Bureau of Statistics; Jorge Ridderstaat and Giantcarlo Croes, Central Bank Aruba; Nenjamin Dirks Socio-economic Council; Roslyn Salas-Vrolijk, interim Head National Accounts CBS (partly visible); Henry Koolman, AIB Economic and Financial Services N.V; Maria Dijkhoff-Pita, Director Department Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry (DEACI) president CMM commission; Chantal Ecury, staff-worker DEACI, Counterpart; Esther Willems, staff worker,Counterpart (DEACI); photographer: Marein van Schaaijk (MMC).


Addis Ababa, 26 February 2007

Dr. Marein van Schaaijk and Dr. Alemayehu Geda at the UN Economic Commission of Africa

Dr. Marein van Schaaijk and Dr. Alemayehu Geda (right in photo) in front of UNECA in Addis Ababa. The United Nations Commission for Africa has given us the assignment to use MMC's macroabc methodology to support UNECA in the construction of the ECA Global Macroabc with special attention to three regions of Africa.


The Hague, 12-23 February 2007

Surinaamse economen op bezoek bij MMC februari 2007

Five economists/statisticians from Suriname visited Stuseco (of which dr. Marein van Schaaijk is the director) to develop a growth-scenario for Suriname and to receive (additional) training in the macromodel of Suriname (Suryamodel). From left to right: Marein (Stuseco), mrs. Helen Raadwijk (Statistical Office Suriname, National Accounts), mrs. Thania Chin A Lin (PLOS), drs. Lilian Menke-Tangali and drs. Iwan Hoepel (both from Planning Bureau of Suriname), and drs. Rishma Radjie (VSB).  


Workshop SEI team Sint Maarten 18 January  2007 at MMC in Den Haag

Foto SEI team SXM

From left to right: Jan Bandsma (BZK), Lucy Gibbes (DEPR Sint Maarten), Louis Brown (Programma en Projecten Bureau Sint Maarten),  Marjolein Buis (VNW), Bart Pasman (Programma en Projecten Bureau Sint Maarten), Marein van Schaaijk (MMC), Bob van der Bijl (BZK), Miguel de Weever (DEPR Sint Maarten). Not on this photo:  Jan Willem Flohil (Financiën) and the photographer: Stephen Chong (MMC).


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