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Ethiopia November 2006

Participants ES Ethiopia Nov06

Workshop Macroabc model Ethiopia 27 November 2006 at Ministry of Finance and Economic development from lift to right: Fisseda Tefera, Tamirat Yacob, Demere Abate, Amde Tadesse, Abdulazis Abrar, Mezgebu Amha, Daniel Zerfu, and Dr. Alematehu Geda (not on the photo: Dawit Woldeyesus, photo by Marein van Schaaijk) 

WS Ethiopia Nov06 1

Workshop Macroabc model Ethiopia (photo by Marein van Schaaijk)

Ministry of Finance Addis Ababa

The MoFED building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Drs. Michiel Vergeer (former head of the public finances division of the Central Planning Bureau of the Netherlands, and former MMC consultant in Indonesia) was at the MoFED in Addis Ababa for two weeks in January 2006 as MMC consultant and Marein will be at MoFED in November 2006.


Namibia September -November 2006

25 September 2006

Workshop Macroabc Namibia and MicromacroSim Namibia during a visit to the National Planning Commission in Windhoek, Namibia, to construct a macroeconomic model and micromacrosimulation poverty module for Namibia. The visit took place during the period 13 September 2006 to 5 October 2006. The models are now used for the construction of a macroeconomic chapter for the third National Development Plan of Namibia.
Marein will be in Windhoek again in the period 2-14 November 2006.
Around the table form left to right: Ms. M. Matomola, Deputy Director of the Macroeconomic Research and Analysis division of the Development Planning Department of NPC Namibia; drs. Marc Stoffers, macroeconomic expert and MMC consultant in Namibia; Ms. S.A. Demas, Director of the Development Planning Department of Namibia; Bsc Bertus van Wyk, economists, Macroeconomics Programming & Research; dr. Marein van Schaaijk (MMC); and Ms. Martha Tsheehama, Head of Sub-division Macroeconomics Programming and Research.

Windhoek, 27 September 2006

Workshop MicromacroSim Namibia with Bsc Bertus van Wyk (economist, Macroeconomics Programming & Research) and drs. Stephen Chong (MMC).

MicromacroSim Namibia is a gift of MMC to NPC Namibia. The module can be used to assess the effects of changing macroeconomic conditions and fiscal policy in Namibia, on the number of households below the poverty line. Thanks to MMC this module can be used by everyone in Namibia free of charge.  

From left to right: Mr. Mathew L. Nelenge, economists, Macroeconomics Programming & Research; Bertus and Stephen.


Sint Maarten October 2006

16 October 2006

Drs. Machiel Jansen (economist of DEPR Sint Maarten) followed a a few training session at MMC (photo 16th of October 2006) where he received an Manual (Draaiboek) to the Soualiga macro economic model of Sint Maarten, including a study module, and also a manual on MicromacroSim Sint Maarten (also called SXM-tax). Soualiga.xls and SXM-tax are as shareware on this homepage.


Curaçao/Bonaire September 2006

1 september 2006

Presentation Introduction into Curalyse: drs. Lesly Sendar of DEZ Curaçao gives his presentation about the Curalyse model. This took place on the final day of drs. Sendar’s training visit to MMC in The Hague in the period 20 August – 1 September 2006. The guest during the presentation was drs. Solange Bomberg of DEZA Bonaire, who begun her two-week training visit at MMC on that day.  The models Bonalyse and BonTax are as shareware on this homepage and on www.bonaireeconomy.org/economic_statistics.html


Curaçao June 2006

 22 May 2006

This picture was taken during Luelo Girigorie’s study visit to MMC in the period 22 May – 2 June 2006. Luelo Girigorie is head of the Economic Policy Division (AEB) of  DEZ Curaçao and expert in Curalyse, the macro model of Curaçao.  See on this homepage and on http://www.curacao-gov.an  click below "Zaken en investeringen".


Curacao - Curalyse Workshop 21 - April 2006

7 April 2006

Opening of the 21th Curalyse workshop in Willemstad, Curacao on 7 April 2006. The picture shows the moment when the deputy minister of Economic Affairs, Gerrit Schotte, opens the workshop.  Up to and including workshop 21 there have been 597 participants, consisting of 247 different people.  On average there have been 28 participants per workshop with an average of 11 new participants each workshop.


Aruba March 2006

21 March 2006

This is picture was taken during the two-week study visit of Esther Willems Bsc of DEZHI Aruba to MMC in the period 17-28 April 2006. In the picture (counterclockwise): dr. Free Huizinga (MMC specialist in Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Poland); drs. Bob van der Bijl, who is an economist at the Ministerie Konikrijksrelaties in The Netherlands; Esther Willems Bsc, who is an economist at DEZHI Aruba and expert in MARUBA and MicromacroSim Aruba, the macro model and the microsimulation poverty module, respectively of Aruba;  drs. Stephen Chong (MMC) and dr. Marein van Schaaijk, director of MMC.


Suriname March 2006

On the request of the Planning Bureau of suriname (SPS) and the Vereniging Surinaams Bedrijfsleven (VSB), two economist of the SPS and one economist of the VSB followed an intensive training course at Stuseco (of which dr. Marein van Schaaijk is the chairman ) in The Hague in the period from 20 February 2006 to 3 March 2006. The training visit consisted of the construction of a baseline and  policy scenarios, called Suryamodel, see on www.planbureau.net and www.stuseco.org

This is a picture of the lunch meeting with drs. Ronald Schermel (Chamber of Commerce, Dutch-Suriname relations) on 24 february 2006. From left to right: dr. Marein van Schaaijk (MMC, director), drs. Iwan Hoepel (SPS), drs. Shakita Kisoensingh (SPS), drs. Rishma Radjie (VSB) and drs. Ronald Schermel.


Indonesia December 2005

Outreach Seminar Macroabc Indonesia 29 November – 2 December 2005 held in Bali. This photo shows the Indonesian trainers and the participants.

Training in the Macroabc Model of Indonesia was initially provided for through the telework formula: visits of MMC experts to Indonesia, visits of Indonesian economists to MMC in The Hague and in between the visits telework. Then during 2005 ‘’training of the trainers’’was given: Indonesian economists of Ministry of Finance in Jakarta were trained by MM thow to train economist in regional cities in Indonesia. Thanks to this training to the trainers, Indonesia is now capable of providing training on its own, as the photo of the training in Bali shows.

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