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End of Workshop May 2000, Ministry of Finance Jakarta  

Workshop Curalyse, Antillyse, Soualiga and MODFI, lunch May 2000
From left to right: Dr. Andin Hadyanto (MoF Indonesia ), dr. Marein van Schaaijk (MMC), drs. Lonieke Wederfoort (CBS Ned. Antillen), Drs. Veronica Webbster (Department of economic policy and analysis St. Maarten)

Workshop MODFI, Ministry of Finance, Jakarta , May 2000

Workshop KTMM, KIPPRA, Nairobi , March 2001

Workshop Bonalyse ( Bonaire ) and Soualiga (St. Maarten), lunch June 1998
from left to right: Dr. Marein van Schaaijk (MMC), drs. Laurens Harteveld (MMC), Miguel de Weever MA (Department of economic policy and analysis St. Maarten), Ms. Evy van Arneman B.Sc. (DEZA Bonaire)

Workshop Curalyse, February 1998 at Curaçao
Drs. Elfried Paulina (presenting)

Workshop Curalyse at Antillenhuis, 21 January 1998
From left clock wise: drs. Rob van Schaagen (Ministry Economic Affairs the Netherlands ), drs. Marc Stoffers (short term MMC consultant), drs. Co Westerweel (Min Fin the Netherlands ), dr. Marein van Schaaijk (MMC), srs. Runy Calmera (coordinator Curalyse DEZ, Curaçao), Mr. Raphael Sorton, (Antillenhuis) and drs. Doron van der Vuurst (BZK)

Visit to Kyrgystan, December 1997
Dr. Marein van Schaaijk (left) and Dr. Free Huizinga (right)

Workshop Polisch Macroabc model, september 1997, lunch close to MMC’s office after workshop
from left to right: Witold Skrok, Katarzyna Zaidel, Andrzej Halesiak, dr. Marein van Schaaijk (MMC) and dr. Free Huizinga (short term MMC consultant)

Visit to Poland , workshops Polish Macroabc, Warsawa , Winter 1996
Dr. Free Huizinga (short term MMC consultant in front of MoF Poland

Workshop Macroabc the Netherlands in The Hague , 14 December 1995

April 1995, visit to Planning Committee India

Professor Zalm, Minister of Finance of the Netherlands, former Director of CPB (right) and Marein van Schaaijk (left) during the opening reception of MMC, November 1994

Conny van Schaaijk (left and Marein van Schaaijk (right) the directors of MMC, at MMC’s office May 2000

Conny van Schaaijk (left) and Marein van Schaaijk (right) the directors of MMC, in front of the office, Cornelis Jolstraat 50 The Hague,  May 2000
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